Day-Ahead Dynamic

Gunfleet Sands Offshore Windfarm

Gunfleet Sands 1 & 2 Ltd is a 172MW offshore wind farm located 7km off the Essex coastline. Since 2010, Gunfleet Sands has provided green power corresponding to the annual power consumption of some 125,000 British households.


Dispatch start date

September 2023


Dynamic and Day-Ahead

Direction of flexibility

Generation down

Dispatch communication method


Instructions to Jan 2024


Hours requested to Jan 2024


MWh requested to Jan 2024


Photo credit: Sam Claxton

Data on this page is pulled from the Flexibility Dispatches Report (up to 31 January 24).


Flexibility Services Provider (FSP) experience

Why did you get involved with distribution flexibility services?

We are very pleased to provide flexibility services to UK Power Networks’ DSO. Not only will our assets benefit from additional revenue opportunities, it also helps the network operator to manage the local network and save money for consumers.

What do you wish you had known before starting the process?

The market entry process was much easier than expected and UK Power Networks has been very helpful guiding us through the qualification and contracting stages.

Gunfleet Sands is a Joint Venture between Danish renewable energy company Ørsted A/S, Japanese power company JERA Co. Inc., and the Development Bank of Japan Inc.