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AMP Clean Energy

We are an energy company that turns sustainability ambitions into reality, tackling the challenges of climate change and the energy transition head-on. Our practical solutions focus on decarbonisation of heat and flexible generation, and storage of electricity.


Dispatch start date

April 2023


Dynamic, Secure and Day-Ahead

Direction of flexibility

Generation up/down

Dispatch communication method

API and email

Instructions to Jan 2024


Hours requested to Jan 2024


MWh requested to Jan 2024


Data on this page is pulled from the Flexibility Dispatches Report (up to 31 January 24).


Flexibility Services Provider (FSP) experience

Why did you get involved with distribution flexibility services?

Our objective is to provide electricity to local users when and where it is needed. We have been supporting UK Power Networks’ DSO since October 2020, delivering over 3GWh of flexibility in that time. We are pleased to be supporting UK Power Networks’ DSO in providing value to their customers and incentives for local generators such as AMP.

What do you wish you had known before starting the process?

Understanding the value of the DSO offering is important for us in the context of locating sites effectively. Although guidance was provided at the start of the process, further detail on this guidance would have been useful. The publication of the Distribution Network Options Assessment (DNOA) reports first published in June 2023 has helped and I look forward to the further development of these in 2024.