Low voltage visibility

We are investing to install strategically-targeted low voltage monitoring equipment in thousands of substations that will be affected by the rapid uptake of low carbon technologies, like electric vehicles and heat pumps.

Electric car charging

The era of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) will play a vital role in the low-carbon revolution. We are determined to be at the forefront of the transition.

From our monitoring and forecasting efforts so far, we know today there are around 95,000 plug-in electric vehicles across our three licence areas. By 2030 we forecast the number could increase to almost 4.5 million. After engaging with our stakeholders, we have included in our strategy plans to increase the visibility of our low voltage network, which will help us maximise the benefits of EVs.

Our EV strategy has four steps; forecast, monitor, deploy smart and invest strategically.

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Building the Picture

To open the door to EVs, we are investing to significantly increase network visibility across our low voltage substations. The data produced through the programme will give us early sight of potential challenges on the network and enable us to take action, either through deploying one of our toolbox of smart solutions or investing in targeted network upgrades. For the project, we have built an in-house site selection model using data analytics so that we can strategically target our low voltage monitoring at the right substations that we forecast will be affected by EV load.

Stakeholders asked us to explore using data and digital services to enhance visibility, so we’re also underway on Envision, an innovation project using machine learning and modelling. The project is co-designing a tool with the industry to model demand on our low voltage network.

The benefits of low voltage visibility

  • Improving reliability by ensuring our network is Net Zero ready
  • Ensuring customers can charge when they want, where they want
  • Maximising network efficiency to keep costs low
  • Increase our data gathering to support other projects like flexibility services and profiled connections
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